About Us

By way of introduction, we are Wayne Derryberry and Donna Smith.
We have been studying and practicing Shamanic techniques for the past 22 years, having attended numerous advanced workshops and completing the 3 year intensive course from The Foundation of Shamanic Studies . We have studied with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, David Corbin, Nan Moss, and Myron Eshowsky. We have also studied with Dana Robinson, Betsey Bergstrom, and Hank Wessleman with the Foundation. While we have been blessed to study with such astute teachers, our most profound teachings have come from the spirits.

Both of us worked as therapists in a residential therapeutic community facility, and have experience with various cultures and populations.

Donna has developed a rapport with the spirits in the Plant Kingdom in particular and uses the wisdom of the plants and trees in her work frequently.

Wayne has been blessed with the gift, ability to solicit powerful healing energies to be used for whatever may be in the best highest interest of an individual or situation.

We both believe that everything is connected, we are all one, and respect the “aliveness” of all the gifts in the universe. We invite you to share in the wonder and wisdom of the spirit worlds.

Contact Information

For questions, to register for workshop or schedule a healing session, e-mail us at windsonghealing@sbcglobal.net
or contact Donna and Wayne at 937-901-1624.