Healing Methods

Healing, just like disease, occurs on many levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We believe the dis-ease occurs on a spiritual level before manifesting itself in the emotional, mental, or physical bodies. The following shamanic techniques are used to encourage healing on the spiritual plane thus penetrating through to the other bodies.

Spiritual healing is not a replacement for other forms of emotional or physical healing modalities, nor is it therapy. We encourage you to combine shamanic healing with all forms of healing available to you and we welcome the opportunity to work in conjunction with other health care providers to support the healing process and total well being of the client.

The number of sessions needed vary from client to client depending on the spiritual diagnosis. In rare instances one session may be sufficient. Most often follow up sessions are required for integration. Many times a client may require more than one type of shamanic healing to achieve desired results.

Fee Schedule for Healing Sessions

All healing sessions are $70.00 per hour.

We conduct our healing sessions at:
                                   1552 N. Central Dr.
                                   Beavercreek, Ohio    45432

Shamanic Extraction

All of us are susceptible to energy intrusions that can lead to illness. An intrusion is simply energy in your body that doesn’t belong there - it’s not bad - just undesirable and misplaced at this time. Intrusions can enter our bodies under many circumstances - stress, exhaustion, fear, anxiety, and not being “power filled” can leave us vulnerable to spiritual intrusions. They can enter from outside of us (germs, bacteria) or we can create the opening for an intrusion to enter. For example, if I repeatedly use negative self talk (e.g. “I’m not good enough”) I lose power and intrusion can enter.

During an extraction, the shamanic practitioner works on a spiritual level to remove these energy intrusions. This work takes place on the energy body, not the physical body. These intrusions can often be removed before symptoms of a physical illness are present, however many times we are unaware of their presence until we notice symptoms. These symptoms can be mild to severe and be emotional or physical.

Some intrusions are removed in one session, but often follow up sessions are beneficial. Every time an intrusion is removed it creates an opportunity to fill that space with the individuals energy and power.

Power Retrievals

We all have spiritual helpers (totems), or power animals to help us. The shamanic belief is that everything is alive and carries wisdom and power. Power animals are essential to shamanic practice as helping spirits.

If we lose touch with our guardian spirits or spirit helpers, it can result in a “loss of power”, and can cause disruption in our lives. Health, relationships, and employment - virtually all aspects of our lives can be affected. During a power animal retrieval the shamanic practitioner journeys on behalf of his client to retrieve a helping power animal spirit for the client.

There are other power retrievals as well. The shamanic practitioner can journey for a song or symbol to support the client.

Soul Retrievals

Soul loss is a phrase not commonly encountered in our Western society and yet many of us are impacted by it. Among indigenous peoples it is understood that traumatic life experiences can result in a fragmentation of our soul or vital essence. Shamans believe soul loss is the most common source of physical, emotional, or mental illness.

Soul loss often occurs as a consequence to life’s traumatic events. Some examples might include divorce, death of a loved one, accidents, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, surgery, or continued ridicule. Symptoms of soul loss include:

During soul retrieval, the shaman, aided by teachers and power animals journey to the client’s soul piece and attempts to bring back this vital essence to support the creation of wholeness for the client.

Soul retrieval can be one of the most positive, powerful, and profound steps for healing. Soul retrievals are an excellent adjunct to traditional therapies with many clients finding their traditional therapies more successful due to being whole and present again.

Long Distance Healing Work

We are for available for shamanic healing and energy work long distance. Please contact us either by email at windsonghealing@sbcglobal.net or by phone 937- 901-1624 to make arrangements for healing sessions.

Curse Unraveling/Depossesion

This work usually takes a minimum of 2 sessions and is done by special appointment only. Please contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Other Healing Modalities

We also offer other healing modalities such as Tuvan Drumming, shamanic sound/song healing, personal divination, and energy work.
Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.