Workshops and Training Programs

We facilitate workshops to teach shamanic methods and techniques. ALL WORKSHOPS ARE EXPERIENTIAL, with the participant learning how to discover answers for themselves.

We also host a local drumming circle every other Wednesday evening.

For questions, or to register for workshop, e-mail us at
or contact Donna and Wayne at 937-901-1624.

Unless noted otherwise, we conduct our workshops and the drumming circle at:
                                   1552 N. Central Dr.
                                   Beavercreek, Ohio    45432

What to bring for any of our workshops:
  • Drums and rattles if you have them.
  • A bandana or some sort of eye covering.
  • Notebook, pen.
  • Blanket to lie on for journeywork (we will be sitting on the floor if you are able, so bring support if needed.)
  • Water and a snack, if you choose.

Please read the description of each workshop for a more detailed description, and check out our calendar for upcoming workshop dates.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

In this one day workshop you will learn to enter the shamanic journey trance state supported by drumming and rattling. The "journey" is the basis of shamanic practice and an integral part of most shamanic work. We will also explore the landscapes of the shamanic realms of the lower and upper world, learn how to retrieve your power animal and spirit teachers, and practice some basic divination techniques. This is a one day workshop and is essential before undertaking advanced shamanic work.

Workshop Fee

$70.00 for 1 day workshop,
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Lunch and dinner on your own. You may bring your own or there are many places to eat within a short drive.

The Introductory Workshop or experience in journeying is a pre-requisite for all other workshops.